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One of the first suggestions my line manager in the Department of Education and Science, an assistant chief inspector, made when I was appointed national co-ordinator of the Transition Year Curriculum Support Service was that we should both do the Birkman Test. Furthermore, it was then processed to see how we might work together. Next, we both sat down with Mary O'Rafferty. She, skillfully identified not only how we might best work together but, critically, potential areas of conflict. Over the following years there were numerous occasions when, thanks to the Birkman, that assistant chief inspector and myself paused, recognised how we were engaging in behaviour predicted by the test, and changed course. At a personal level I also found it especially helpful in increasing my general self-awareness, particularly about how I behave when stressed.

Gerard Jeffers, Director, Masters in Education, National University of Ireland, Maynooth

“When I was considering the next step in my career journey , I decided to do a complete analysis of my profile and personality to ensure that they next move was the correct move from both a personal and professional perspective. I worked with Mary on completing , analyzing and discussing my Birkman profile. Completing the profile was of tremendous assistance in identifying my strengths and weaknesses and enabling me to target the direction I wished to take my career. Mary was excellent in assisting completing and then discussing and analyzing the results , I found her comments and insight to to be invaluable and they really helped me to better understand what drives and motivates me, in both a personal and professional capacity. It was immediately apparent that Mary has worked extensively with assisting managers and teams and was able to relate and correlate my professional career path to others. Mary provided valuable insight into how others have dealt with and managed the same challenges that I have found myself facing. Completing the Birkman and analyzing and reviewing the results with Mary has been one of the best investments I have ever made my continued development as a manager and professional.”

Eileen Fitzgerald, Senior Vice President Product Management & Customer delivery, GSX

'I found the Birkman, which I completed and reviewed with Mary, an interesting way to look at myself initially, but where it has proved to be of most value is its relevance over time. Myself and business partner both did it as we set up our business and it has been like the third member of the team, reminding us of what we each find challenging but also giving good ideas around how we can work to each others strengths. Definitely worth the effort.

Oliver Nerney, Director, MishMash Catering

I found the Birkman Report very useful because it showed me how I could be most productive in my working environment. Working with Mary, we identified my preferred ways of working and potential triggers of stress. From this I was able to develop strategies to adapt my approach to work to became more productive and more focused.

Dymphna Lynch, Head of HR, Institute of Public Administration

The Birkman proven method is jaw-droppingly accurate. Having completed the assessment, I sat down with Mary who analysed with me the 'biography' of my personality. She focused on my positive strengths and used examples to clarify circumstances that may stress me out. I now have an easy to read report on how best I perform, the environment I need in which to be most produtive, and what stress signs I should look out for. This is a report I will take with me in the future to develop both professionally and personally. I would recommend any individual, company, family or friend to contact Anville Consulting today.

Ronan Ganter, Director, bagdrop

I personally found the Birkman picked up very perceptively on my personality and reviewing it with Mary helped me understand more clearly why I behave the way I do in certain situations. It gave me an understanding of why I dislike some tasks but thrive on others. It also helped me understand that the way I feel about certain things or behave in certain situations is not arbitrary but an innate part of me. The Birkman Report is a good determinant of your strengths and allows you to understand your “weaknesses” better. In short, the profile and analysis with Mary gives you a positive third party outlook on your own traits and character, allowing you to get a better picture of yourself.

Paul McNally, Student

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