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The Birkman Relational Method can accelerate the results you seek either as an individual or for an organisation

The Birkman Method facilitates teambuilding, executive coaching, leadership development, career and talent management and interpersonal conflict resolution.

It identifies:

  • the most productive behaviour for individuals and teams
  • the ideal working environment and
  • triggers or stressors that will cause negative reactions

The Birkman Method is a system for assessing behavioural characteristics, motivators and interests. The questionnaire and reports are delivered on-line. The Birkman Method is most often used for enhancing the effectiveness of individuals and teams.

Developed over the last fifty years by Dr. Roger Birkman, it has become one of the most fair, valid and reliable tools devised for assessing interests, motivations and stress behaviours of individuals.

Respondents are emailed a unique link to access the Birkman Questionnaire and complete it on line. The time to complete the questionnaire is 35-40 minutes. Reports are available immediately upon completion through Mary, a licenced Birkman facilitator, who will thoughtfully explain both the framework and the results.

Extensively used in the United States, Birkman is fast gaining a foothold in European and Asian markets as a powerful measure that can help to build cohesive teams, improve communication and performance and develop managers and executives.

Developed exclusively for a working population, Birkman draws on a database of more thatn 2.5 million individuals from 5,000 organisations across the world, including corporations, not for profit organisations, Government Agencies and individuals.

Birkman is not a test - there are no right or wrong answeers and no "ideal" profile. The report that is generated from answering the questionnaire is an objective, non-judgemental profile which is cast in positive terms.

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